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Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star

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Science teacher lost 17 kg just by eating McDonald’s?

US Science teacher John Cisna, lost almost 17kg and had his cholesterol level lowered after 90 days of eating just McDonald’s.

Sounds impossible? Well, not for this man at least.

For three months, the teacher only had McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During the “experiment”, he became healthier and even picked up walking.

Now here’s where it all makes sense.

The experiment came with strict guidelines too. One of it was to make sure he sticks to a 2,000 calorie diet a day.

Cisna roped in his students to help by getting them to construct his daily meal plans based on the nutritional information found on McDonald’s website.

The students also made sure that his meals contained the recommended amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

His meals included cheeseburgers as well as the healthier options such as oatmeal and egg whites.

At the end of the 90 days, Cisna’s deduction of the experiment goes as follows: “I can eat any food at McDonald’s that I want as long as I’m smart with the rest of the day at what I balance it out with.”

The conclusion was a polar opposite to what happened in another similar experiment seen in popular documentary “Super Size Me”, where a man went through a one-month experiment of eating only McDonald’s meals. His health deteriorated greatly.

With the success of Cisna’s experiment, we now know that there is still hope for the fast food junkie.

Anybody up for McDonald’s?



U-KISS Wish you a Merry Christmas ^^

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Leader Soohyun being mean to his members except Hoon cause he’s not scared of bugs

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U-KISS dancing Neverland à la Kevin.

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Indonesian copywriter dies after working 30 hours straight

(Photos taken from Mita Diran’s Facebook profile)

Social media went abuzz after a father, Yani Syahrial, reportedly announced on his Path account that his copywriter daughter, Mita Diran, has died after working for 30 hours straight, according to Indonesian news site Tempo.

His status said, “Hi everyone, since last night and until now, my daughter who is a copywriter in Y&R in coma in RSPP. Chances not very good. She collapsed after continuous working overtime for 3 days last night. Working over the limit. I have not slept since then.”

The bizarre and tragic news had gripped many Indonesia-based netizens since the announcement and many had flocked to Mita’s Twitter account (@mitdoq) to wish their condolences as a reply to her final tweet that said, “30 hours of working and still going strong”, posted on Saturday, 14 December.

According to Malaysian site Venusbuzz.com, a colleague had reportedly replied to the father’s status, saying that Mita’s death was due to a “lethal combination” of excessive work and the consumption of Kratingdaeng, the Thai version of popular energy drink Red Bull.